Browsing Month November, 1999


Coupla weeks ago saw girl hit by car. Heard the screech, turned to see her cartwheeling above the sedan. Legs, arms, coat, hair, bags out. Came down splits on hood of car. Slid forward good distance, too far, in a crump. Still, except left leg twitching. Didn’t know what to do, so ran forward. Ran more…


Celly, had one, but not for dinner, library. Quiet room full of studiers. Should it ring, don’t answer and talk. And talk. Gah. Said once, Old man, go screw. Jut mad cause you can’t hear the other end, too. Probably.


Lasted two days. Now cold, now windy. Coats up front in closets, summer frocks, shirts, rags in back. Now people who sweated around in wool and scarves and gloves 1 September can be comfortable. Calendar is not best way to gage weather.


A mountain and no one to write poetry about it, the mountain does not exist. Chick shows up early when I show up early. She’s after what? No interest, always the way, already decided.


Soon, a shooting a day. Then a show, a channel, a comic book, public service announcements, new laws, some other vice.

Discounted Words

Signs: underline everywhere, bold, capitalize, mark “arbitrary” quotes, add bangers, exclamations. Confuse its and it’s and buy me an expresso not the espresso wanted. First of all, thirdly, heh, Micro$oft, ’nuff said, all been done. What’s new? Make it new. Weak memes, mimes, mimicry. Drop your borrowed voice here.

Motion Picture

Kids, walking around, seem like kids, with constant half-smiles, teeth showing, like a big joke winds up for the pitch, the punch, and each one, wide-legged jeans, facial hair, eyebrow ring, telegraphing the grand laugh with foreshadowed snicker, in the know, proud, look at me, here I am, I feel like life is a movie. more…

Orange juice

Choice is increased. Buy no pulp, some pulp, lots of pulp. It is inverse. Nobody carries lots of pulp. Some stores care some pulp. Everybody carries no pulp.


Weekday virgins decked like whores, harlots, trollops, tarts, working girls. Fag-less men in boobless gowns, chicken to wear the bra, the panties, shave the muttons, the goat, the Wayne Newton. Boots on, clowns in paint, laughing, not committed. This is the time for the secret wish. If not here, then where? Two days to justify more…


He has grown since he first appeared. He likes the baseboard, the unwashed dishes, the crumbs in the toaster. He is clean, no black gravel yet. Hides at day, roams at night. Lives in the wall between the two bedrooms.