Browsing Month January, 2001

In-fighting makes it difficult to mount long-term, wide-ranging conspiracies

“In recent days, when people have asked me if Jesse Jackson was done in by a devious rightwing plot (wasn

Separation of Church and State, yes, but what about politician and evangelism?

“Ashcroft’s unwillingness to let biblical belief affect him for only an hour on Sunday bugs the Left. Ashcroft’s opponents appear to equate Christian faith with hard liquor: Okay to use evenings and weekends, but it clouds judgment during the workday.”

The South will rise again, perhaps ignited by the stars and bars

Right now? Is there a left now? Is there a wrong now? Is there any other kind?

Why don’t we just measure pain with a dollar value, like everything else?

High in acid, Italian red sauces take a bit of trouble to match with decent wine

Sex offenders have it tough, too, what with advertising their guilt and all

Four escape plane crash into a mountain, vicious winds and hypothermia

Nike’s customized shoes express freedom of choice and expression but not labor

She had an out-of-body, or perhaps out of her mind, experience