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If little green men answer the SETI phone, then what?

Evil force sentenced to eternity; victim’s kin damn him to prison rape

It’s time for God’s people to come out the closet to spread the word on polygamy

Law and order attempts to rein in chaos in free-wheeling Cairo

Churchill hagiography suffers small nips at the ankles

Haggis, warm reekin’ rich, the very democratic dish, should grace any table

“Haggis is, in essence, an unevolved medieval sausage. It was a staple food of the peasantry, made using the less expensive parts of the animal, and it has stuck in its original form. Neeps and tatties, its traditional accompaniment, were introduced as fodder crops, so it was truly a low-budget affair. I love it.

With too much homework, children look like world-weary accountants in tax season

Andreessen’s nowhere near an epitaph, but reporters insist on dumb questions

Tom Tomorrow: What I do is to critique power

New York caf