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Slaughterhouse: ridiculously primitive, poorly designed, horrifically unsanitary

“The concept of security and money laundering would be the least of the consumer

In Japan, we apologize even before we know all the facts

“Apologies are ranked as to whether they should be made in person or on paper, with moderate or deep bows, or, for the most severe injury, the dogeza. In that, the apologizer gets down on both knees with head bowed to the floor, a gesture said to have been handed down from the time of more…

They wondered if they were going to eventually eat the pet guinea pig

“Before lunch I had wandered upstairs to talk with the girls about their Dinka language. They were more than willing to teach me the lilting, gulping language. Soon, the cloud of awkwardness that had hung over the room dissipated. I watched how they pronounced the words, but it didn’t help; my mistakes delighted them, especially more…

What they’re thinking about in Iceland

“On the morning of Bolludagur, if kids manage to hustle out of bed before their parents, they get to beat mommy and daddy with a special bolluv

Bottomless depth hoar, unconsolidated crystal, snow as faceted as tiny diamonds

“We’ve got a really bad layer cake right now. When wind comes up, we’re going to have a mess on the road. But we know what we’re dealing with, and we have the gun, so we can deal with it. We can make the future slides smaller by removing a few slices of the onion more…

If the world isn’t safe from Steely Dan, there’s nothing stopping Kenny Loggins

“What I really hope happened is that at the moment of contact, the moment when Elton’s mouth was right up by Eminem’s ear, Elton whispered, ‘Tag, sister! You’ve touched me. Now you’ve got the gay. Pass it on.’”

You cannot declare X has affected Y to degree Z, unless you can observe Y alone

“The facts are that their ‘CD sales’ are up this year, even over last year’s stunning performance. The RIAA increased the average price of a full-length CD from $13.65 to $14.02, and still managed to sell 3,600,000 more of them.”

Painkillers seem a little more respectable than other drugs; nobody bats an eye

“There are doctors I know who you go see once a year, pay $3,000 for a checkup, and then you’re basically on their roster. After that, you can get whatever you want, whenever you want it. They even give you an emergency number for after hours. These are guys who have affiliations with major hospitals. more…

Behind-the-scenes film of mid-concert Backstreet Boys silly string fight

“I scream because… it’s so exciting to see someone up close. It’s like, they’re there and that’s them.”

Judge at war crimes rape trial: Lawless opportunists should expect no mercy

“Taken with [witness] 87 to apartment in the Brena Block… Raped by Kostic on the first day. Detained for one to two months. Raped by Kostic whenever he wanted. Ordered by Kovac to strip and dance with 87… Sold with 87 and taken away by two Montenegrins, one named Misko. Taken to Niksic to work more…