Browsing Month February, 2001

We are the real war vets, not these criminals who are terrorizing the farmers

“China was a strange, closed society and the Chinese themselves were essentially racist. If people like me appeared in the street there’d be an immediate traffic jam as people queued up to look at blacks like you’d look at monkeys. But I didn’t care.”

So where, pray tell, did the 800 pounds of moon rock come from?

“Yes, We Did.”

We’ve been hanging on by a thread, OK? A thread. You know it and I know it

“You yell and scream and hurl abuse and say I’m so fucked to have a relationship with. I’m so awful, I’m such a bitch and all this stuff. Well, you want to know something? That’s really bad, that’s bad!”

What they’re thinking about in Biloxi

“I was going through those information leaflets that come with all of the medications. No wonder I feel down all the time. Every prescription has much of the same side effects. You know, the dry mouth, headaches, sleepiness, etc. But this is the one that concerns me the most: Change in sexual ability. At my more…

Oh yeah! He’s my man!

“He IS black. He is black. His attitude, his body language, he is a black man. He walks gracefully. He talks gracefully. He would be my brother.”

Mobile ball clubs, players, training: it’s a wonder they’re not all lost

“Spotting light towers and batting cages and grandstands, Valdes had every reason to think he had arrived. He parked his car and strolled toward the clubhouse. If he had kept quiet, he could probably have gone weeks without anybody discovering he was, in fact, with the Oakland A’s in Phoenix instead of with the Angels more…

People treat dogs better than people. The city is like that

“He don’t ask for money and he don’t bother no one. People smile when they see him.”

Hasidim, Mexicans, Filipinos, Nigerians and others in whitebread Iowa

“We’re just afraid if they get one in, then pretty soon the whole council will be Jewish and they’re going to run the town. They’re working to take the town over and push the rest of us out.”

For prostitutes, call me, Arianna, at 212.861.7413

“My models are handpicked by me and each goes through a rigorous interview process in order to ensure that they meet my strict standards. The models must combine beauty, class, intelligence, reliability, social skills and most importantly a great personality.

It’s easier to become silly now because of access to nonsense

“We go through cycles. There is a cycle between reason and faith, enlightenment and religion. Think back, throughout American history in particular, and you have these moments where science, experimentation and reason dominate, and you have these other moments where a faith-oriented set of beliefs challenge that.”