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Perhaps he’s not the right man for a bombing trial

“We have three lawyers and one computer. Apparently that’s a standoff.”

They think the universe is benign and human nature is fundamentally wonderful

“It’s very rare to get a student to challenge anything or to take a position that’s counter to what the professor says. They are disconcertingly comfortable with authority. That’s the most common complaint the faculty has of Princeton students. They’re eager to please, eager to jump through whatever hoops the faculty puts in front of more…

No more dot-coms

“The party is over, as done as a fallen souffl

Romania’s national character is suspicious and mean-spirited toward itself

“One of the things that is readily apparent about Romanian social and political life is the degree to which Romanians see their history and their destiny as largely the result of powerful and not always apparent external forces that sweep over them. There also is a tendency to particularize this, so that they perceive individual more…

Che went on to say that he wanted to thank us for the invasion

“Che was wearing green fatigues, and his usual overgrown and scraggly beard. Behind the beard his features are quite soft, almost feminine, and his manner is intense. He has a good sense of humor, and there was considerable joking back and forth during the meeting. He seemed very ill at east when we began to more…

Self-defense, protection of others, dread of the undead: all age-old themes

“Most of the video games in the record of this case, games that the City believes violate its ordinances, are stories. Take once again The House of the Dead. The player is armed with a gun

Once we lose Mir, we slip away from the club of great nations

“If I were not at work, I would be drinking at this moment.”

A peasant farmer’s son who built world-class industries from scratch

“With no experience, technology, or even a dry dock, Chung decided to try shipbuilding. He went abroad in search of financing. Banks rejected him one after another. Undeterred, at a meeting with Barclays Bank in London, Chung whipped out a 500-won bill, which features a picture of the ironclad ‘turtle ships’ that Koreans built in more…

They say we’re friends, but I believe NATO’s plan is to fracture Yugoslavia more

“I might have gone to the square to mark the occasion, but not if it’s organized by people who still call Milosevic a hero. Frankly, I’ve had enough of standing on squares and defending bridges.”

I can see one of your eyebrows and something of your eye. That’s it

“This is going to sound… weird, but there’s something of an energy I pick up on when the skaters are really close. I can see them a bit, and I can hear them a bit, and sometimes I can even feel a little draft when they go by. But when a skater does something exquisite, more…