Browsing Month March, 2001

Maybe he skipped Bill Gates because of the dodgy technology

“I was handcuffing him while I was upside down with my feet coming up through the roof. I was ecstatic.” “

Our generation doesn

“In the States, it seems that you’re expected be viable around 21, when you’re able to drink legally. Here, it’s different. You’re expected to get some experience doing something, and then maybe around the age of 30 you’re ready to get involved in some kind of leadership role.”

My identity is now a narrative I write and live

“The inscrutable identity that I enjoyed as a Pakistani-born American growing up in Manhattan in the early 80s was a product of the world that my family inhabited. This was that na

Some guys in the mob are total stone humorless sociopaths, others regular joes

“I’d always loved rock and roll and I wanted to play the drums, and my mother was against that. I had this older cousin, my cousin Johnny, and he would tell my mother, ‘Aunt Norma, he can really keep time, you ought to let him play the drums.’ And she said, ‘Over my dead body. more…

Jesus and Karl Marx agree on one thing: money leaches out other values

“Politics have gotten more and more ugly because, finally, the strongest ideas of the twentieth century all ended in disaster. The idea of socialism as the great egalitarian ideal ended in oppression. The profundity of the Germans in culture ended with the Nazis. And the great belief that democracy and capitalism are bona fide goods more…

Pharmaceuticals and criminals seemed to be cohabiting. So my antennae were up

“Human guinea pigs have actually consented to receive the AIDS virus. And, while this is a moving target, if the large pharmaceutical companies actually sold crack and heroin and cocaine on the streets, most of them would have to take a cut in the percentage of their profits. You know? You just have to put more…

Saying there’s a crisis causes that very crisis: a self-fulfilling prophecy

“You could call this ‘second-thought week’ for the Bush administration, apparently. There is a lot of second-thought articulation this week. And the more second thoughts they have, the more second thoughts I’ve got about their real desire to work with us to accomplish what we need to, on campaign reform, on taxes, on the environment, more…

An almost total absence of schools, drinking water, electricity or medical care

“The oil companies must and should be subordinate to the people. Right now they are lords and masters.”

We enjoy seeing damp creeps, smug thugs and nasty little vixens get judged

“Many people in the Dirtball demographic have a remarkable faith in their ability to bamboozle a judge, and always seem stunned when someone with ten times their brainpower doesn

Do you know what environmental engineering is? I think it’s probably evil

“I’m in charge of word processing, and I got handed a document today, the original text of which listed information about six soil samples from a contaminated site. Lots of scary phrases were crossed out in red pen, like ‘over acceptable limits’ and ‘quantities in excess of’ and ‘untreatable levels found’ and ‘simply excavating the more…