Browsing Month March, 2001

Bold example of accumulated good will being sold out for cynical profit

“I find it crass and vulgar.”

Giant spread-legged mermaid logo on the building did not fall through the roof

“We make our way down, I remember the lift. There is a three-year-old inside, with his bicycle. Bleeding. We tie him up, telling him a story

And the black cat that dripped white paint on his back? The flirting skunk?

“When I was much younger, I lived on a farm for a short period of time. There were many farm animals that wandered about the property, but the one I liked the most was the chicken that had eyes that repeatedly bulged out revealing dollar signs. I miss that farm.”

Nearly the kind of break-through experience she was meditating for

“She told rangers that she had spent the night meditating, that she had not eaten for two days, and that she had intended to spend a second night at the bottom of the canyon meditating. She began calling for help when she felt that she could not make it out of the canyon on her more…

One kind of leak is borderline treason

“It’s kind of shocking, the extent to which classified information frequently and with great speed, finds its way into public in one form or another. I do think we need to do everything we can to hold people accountable; to make it clear that we take this seriously. I know

PS 3, District 2, Greenwich Village: a relic of the Sixties, but it survived

“Like almost all parents and teachers in urban school districts, we face constant struggles over mandates and regulations that create serious problems and minor headaches. One week recently, for instance, kids and teachers tried in vain to open classroom windows on Monday morning, only to learn they had been nailed closed over the weekend

Jurors are paid $40 a day for the first 30 days, then $50 a day thereafter

“The jurors include a bank teller, an art therapist, a legal secretary, a senior book editor, a nurse, a data entry clerk, an electric technician, a retired postal clerk, a social work supervisor, a construction manager, an accountant, an office clerk, and a salesman. Their hobbies include reading, chess, needlework, running, watching movies, and traveling more…

We may need these spaces for the next war…

“HARPER’S FERRY, W.Va. In 1862, Confederate Maj. Gen. Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson forced the surrender of 12,500 Union troops, the largest American surrender at the time. A 180-home residential development is planned for part of the 7,000-acre site, of which 3,000 acres are protected.”

The court tries to hear 250 tickets a day. Half those never show. More never pay

“Excuses fly. It wasn’t me. I didn’t know I didn’t have a license. I wasn’t at that spot. I think my cousin had my car. My insurance card caught fire. One woman insists ‘the only reason I went through that red light was I have a nervous feet condition, for which I’m suing my doctor.’”