Browsing Month April, 2001

Washington itself, indeed, might be abolished, transferred, then abandoned

“The appalling stupidity of these men, highlighted by the ferocious peril of these hours, is the exact measure of the stupidity of the people in our states, cities, towns, and villages. When we condemn them, which we rightly do with nearly every dispatch concerning their multifarious and nonsensical agenda, we condemn ourselves. When we say more…

She became incontinent at the prospect of the woman’s visits and trembled

“It is possible that they then developed together the strange psychiatric condition known as folie

The man behind the man behind the man

“The office of the vice president has no embassies; we have no armored divisions. There are no ships with the office of the vice president’s flag on them. Our ability to influence policy is really a function of whether or not the vice president is rendering advice that the president values. It’s a challenge to more…

I will never forget the look on the mother’s face after the loud thump

“She got out of the car and blamed the mother. She talked as if she had hit a dog, and not a human being.”

High-school drop-out, boxer, teenage mill worker, now Horatio Alger-winner

“To me, the immigrant personality is about frugality, a 24/7 work ethic and a passion to succeed. It’s not about being 9-to-5. It’s about producing. People with this persona become obsessed with ideas. If you go into any entrepreneurial pursuit, it never succeeds if it’s 9-to-5. Even if you stay longer, if your heart is more…

My flat is cozy but it’s big and I get panicky when it’s pitch black

“Get an Underground map. I used to go everywhere on the Tube. Three months ago I went from Hampstead to Finchley on a Saturday night. It was really good fun, full of kids going to clubs and drunk office girls. I wore a cap and nobody recognised me.”

It’s unusual to see the public withering of a man, especially one so virile

“Thurmond is at the hearing for half an hour, during which he reads, uneasily, two brief statements. The rest of the time

There is no criminal class, but a very fine line between criminal and victim

“Just the other day, we were picking a jury. The judge had a taxi driver in the jury box, and he asked him, ‘Have you ever been robbed?’ And the guy said, ‘Yeah.’ ‘Were there any weapons involved?’ ‘No,’ the guy says, ‘just a gun.’ Just a gun! That tells you a lot about Brooklyn, more…

How we suffer: One corporate jet instead of three, and no Armani

“It’s the summer season coming up, so my patients must have tune-ups. But instead of doing liposuction on seven areas, they’re doing three or four. These decisions are so painful.”

Nobody was going to take that ball away from me. Believe me when I tell you

“He flew to Sacramento so I could get that money. He flew to Sacramento. And he wanted no photographers, no story. He wanted to come in and just get the ball and make the exchange. This guy, Gordon, was the one that had all the photographers there because he wanted publicity. When Maris walked in, more…