Browsing Month May, 2001

Nobody likes themselves. That’s why people are so cruel to each other

“There are different kinds of beauty. Dragons and villains wanted me to have my teeth fixed, and to lose weight. That’s not the way I see this job. Right now, I want to do more, go deeper. That’s who I am now. When I was 15, I didn’t know as much; now I’m 23. And more…

Keeping up with the Hoovers

“There is even a bench to sit there and think about how wonderful Mr. Hoover was.”

Yes, but how were his mashed potatoes?

“The prime suspect for the alterations is the museum’s co-founder, Sir Francis Bourgeois, who was a great art collector and a terrible painter. His woefully lumpy cows were particularly sneered at by cognoscenti.”

What they’re thinking about in Philadelphia

“What’s wrong with a black women going after a man with more to offer her than his genitals? All too often, we settle for men who are emotionally, spiritually, and morally bankrupt

Rah, rah aesthetics! Yay chemicals! Down with disorder and dandelions!

“So why is the Sierra Club going to war to defend the rights of dandelions? The main reason is that, on the whole, dandelions are good, human beings suck. It simply irritates Green activists to their core that many people, maybe most, have a penchant for order and think green grass is aesthetically pleasing. It’s more…

There are legitimate fears that Pearl Harbor will die a quiet, unnoticed death

“If Pearl Harbor cannot survive in a universe where Memento and With a Friend Like Harry rake in enormous receipts, it says a lot of about the depressing climate in today

She chose her clients for their artistic cachet and intelligent conversation

“On a small leather love seat wedged into one corner was propped a list of marijuana offerings printed on a piece of cardboard with colorful markers. There were usually eight selections, with jocular names like Jingle Bells, Piney, Whopper, and White Wolf, priced in columns representing one-quarter and one-half ounce. These topped out at $160 more…

Thatcher: You were expecting me after all. The billboard reads The Mummy Returns

“The greatest issue in this election, indeed the greatest issue before our country, is whether Britain is to remain a free, independent nation state or whether we are to be dissolved in a federal Europe. There are no half-measures, no third ways and no second chances. A country which loses the power to issue its more…

He had the jewelry and the Sha Na Na jacket. We had no idea

“Florida is a place for misfits and losers. You come down here, you can be Elvis’ bodyguard for a year.”

What, exactly, is the point of World New York?

The Hôtel de Ville of Paris at dusk. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of puzzled email about World New York: Why the name? What kinds of entries are those? Is it a blog? What? So I revised our “about this site” page: Reams of quality writing appear and disappear on the web each day; more…