Browsing Month May, 2001

What they’re thinking about in Little Rock

“I think the way to handle kids bringing guns to a public school is to publicly cane the child

All of us suffer because of a faraway bureaucracy that seems ever more deaf

“The Pope is a prisoner of those who surround him and who undermine him… The Pope has made many efforts to change things but, nonetheless, I don’t think he has succeeded.”

The monsoon is a mother scrubbing her dirty child, Delhi

“A couple of years back on Vinay Marg

Everyone came together there and got along well, until the bombing

“Once again, the lawyer puts the old photos back on the screen in his office and reviews the evidence. But the man who was actually there need not go through it again. For Mr. George, the pictures are never completely gone. They haunt him, day and night. There is a moment in his life that more…

The biggest lesson is don’t walk into it with a handed-down faith and dogma

“I had this vision that this is just what people do: Get married, have kids and Christ comes back. No one asked me, ‘Are you sure this is what you want?’ The day I got married, my mother came to me and tried to give me the sex talk. I said, ‘Lady, go home and more…


“Winter Texans come down here and just keep going, unaware that they’re crossing into Mexico.”

Music recommendations: It’s music-time in Cameroon, Pakistan and Egypt.

There’s no doubt we’re reading less. But whining won’t change anything.

A refrigerated truck delivering carcasses near the Goutte d’Or district of a Paris, an African and Maghrebian community. This article at the Washington Post keeps getting passed around. It discusses several ideas about why we’re reading less as a nation and what this might mean for our future. While I generally agree with the premise, more…

Second-hand, spanking new, spilling out of crates, soft hand-woven textures

“There are pine nuts, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews

Gathering jokes to judge public opinion is like gauging weather from a calendar

“A bearded man, obviously a Hamas member, and his son enter the office of the PA. They see a photo of Arafat on the wall, and the son asks: ‘Isn’t this the guy you are always cursing, Dad?’ The father then says very loudly: ‘Whose kid is this?’”