Browsing Month June, 2001

South Beach crisis: Where have all the models gone?

“I grew up in Miami, and I used to go to South Beach every weekend. It’s a stylish, upscale, unique collection of personalities. Sure there was drugs and partying, but in a classy way. If you can put those two words

Volunteers trained to do nothing but be there with that patient, and listen

“I didn’t want to leave Naples. The hot weather and the bugs did not interfere with my life. They enhanced it. I used to love to see those cockroaches run.”

Eventually, people have to stop seeking the fastest thing at the amusement park

“I’ve never dealt with more abrasive individuals in my entire life than in the film business, and I mean that from the business side. They are some of the nastiest, cold-hearted, dead shark-eyed people you will ever meet in your life.”

Following that logic, we would kill all people on the day of retirement

“In the Czech Republic, we have high consumer tax on tobacco products. So by buying cigarettes, I am basically increasing state revenues. It is also known that heavy smokers die younger, and then it is not necessary to pay them pensions.”

Children who are neither specially gifted nor famous are given preference

“The families sitting in the dim room add up to maybe 60 people altogether. That is a lot of people among whom to spread only a little bit of luck. Each year the bilingual school admits 100 children to its primary classes. Fifty places go mainly to Americans, with a small proportion of them allocated more…

We drove the US out of three Arab countries by just threatening to hit them

“The Americans are afraid of sustaining even one casualty to their soldiers, they don’t trust their own intelligence or weak Arab allies to protect them, and they have no military answer for our threat. I love America. The Bush people want to spend $100 billion on a missile defense shield to deal with a threat more…

That’s nice

“Seattle would rather make nice than actually be nice. People only find it necessary to pass laws like these when they fear that they lack the moral gumption to do right on their own account.”

Worker safety will not improve until a director or senior manager is jailed

“They are, as a corporate entity, morally impoverished.”

The chances that a rapist will serve any time for his crime are 99-to-1

“Just the mention of DNA fosters doubts because people sincerely believe that our prisons are stuffed with innocent men, despite staggering evidence to the contrary.”

There we all were, numb and waiting, holding our signs, not making eye contact

“I am uncoiled and lax, an empty vessel, critically appraising advertisements, making mix tapes, playing an unplugged Korean-made Telecaster, honking at the kids playing basketball in the cul-de-sac, digging cat toys out from under the bureau, going commando, making ice, buying Scotch tape, skimming, shaving, squeezing. I am an American, Senator, no longer waiting for more…