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See the rest of the city, please, and wait for the memorial

     The security firms about to lose contracts are complaining about Federal government take-over of the airport screening and patrolling duties.

Fighting Terrorism at Home

     If you really keep your eyes open, in these, as they say, difficult times, you can catch a glimpse of unusual things just under the surface.      Take that day, a golden afternoon, a week or more ago, on the way to the Washington DC Press Club to hear Laura Bush’s maiden effort to address pundits more…

The post-Election, post-trauma, anti-prostitution, poppers and Viagra report

There’s no truth in the rumor that terrorists are stocking up on orthodox Jewish outfits for an upcoming attack in the city, reports The Jewish Week. �It�s totally untrue,� says Ari Laufer, manager of Eichler�s Judaica in Flatbush, Brooklyn, the largest such emporium in the city. �Nobody bought 40 bekishes or 50 kapatas,� two types more…

60 million cats and 53 million dogs who can feel bereavement, too

“Many friends of the deceased have stepped in to care for their stranded pets. When they realize what an enormous financial and emotional responsibility it is, some of them call us and ask that the pet be taken off their hands.”

There is not a game that goes by without hearing someone swearing in French

“People are much more honest and open in England. If things aren’t right, everyone immediately deals with the problem and tries to rectify the situation. Nothing is ever done in secret. It’s a very refreshing approach to the game. Players are given advice and help, but, so long as they perform to the best of more…