Browsing Month December, 2002

046—Going West, from “The Brick,” by James Stegall, from

“I say, in the Special Forces I learned to let go of anger. I learned to run with no thought of how far. I learned to carry the ammo crate as far as it must be carried, no more, no less. The mission is accomplished by living inside individual heartbeats, breaths, blinks and twitches, draining more…

“The Lying Game,” by Joe Hagan and Sara Nelson from

“Mafia requires all the skills natural to any self-respecting New York climber: deception, treachery, guile—and a high tolerance for acute social paranoia. A Russian psychologist claims to have invented it in the 1980’s, to show how an informed minority (the ‘mafia’) power-play against an uninformed majority (the ‘village’)[…] In New York, it’s a perfect game more…

Muskrat pelts in prime condition are worth about

Muskrat pelts in prime condition are worth about four dollars, twice what they went for a decade ago. Between 150,000 and 200,000 muskrats were trapped in New York State during each of the last five years, down from about a half million annually during the early Eighties.

600 million pairs of sho

600 million pairs of shoes are sold annually by the Japanese shoe industry. Retailers update most lines four to six times a year.

Laze, a contraction of “lava haze,”

Laze, a contraction of “lava haze,” is a word for gases, including steam and hydrochloric acid, formed by lava hitting sea water.

Offset, also known as countert

Offset, also known as countertrade, is a financial and contractual tool—a complicated form of bartering—which allows large international purchases to be made without upsetting trade balances or foreign exchange markets, or requiring large cash transfers or an easily convertible currency. The recent agreement by Poland to purchase 46 F-16 Falcon jets from American corporation Lockheed more…

A man recently confessed by anonymous letter to more than 100 cases of stealing women’s lingerie fro

“Many years ago in Barberton I was know as the petycoat bandid. I started to go into homes in my 14 year of age. I could not stop myself as I was very fond of womens under clothes. “I will be 99 year of age. I went out west for my health in my 40 more…

A first-person report by Roopesh Kohad of the first day in operation of the Delhi Metro, December 25

“There is no place to sit anywhere in the whole station which is true for all other stations signifying the fast paced metro culture. There are yellow lines across all the platforms in all stations for people to stand behind them lest they collide with train. Finally, the train started shunting. Wow, what a beauty, more…

“A modern major general

“Tommy is not quiet about anything, he’s very outgoing and very opinionated. In the course of a five minute discussion about how you’re wrong and he’s right, he’ll use words that are and are not in the dictionary.”

“Single ‘n’ swinging: A growing number of women are saying no to marriage,” by Debapriya Ghosh, from

“I have puzzled matchmakers by letting many a good catch slip out and, of course, have denied relatives the pleasure of complaining at my wedding about the food, the presents and the boy’s family.”