Browsing Month December, 2002

“How dancehall holds us back,” by Ian Boyne, from the

“Our inner cities have been balkanised, garrisoned and criminalized by the politicians. Bitter feuds have ensued over decades and there is a long list of scores to be settled. Drug dons have entered the fray, complicating what was already a very dangerous situation. Add to this a national culture of fractiousness, divisiveness, and poor conflict more…

The number of syphilis cases reported by gay and bisexual men in Los Angeles County increased

The number of syphilis cases reported by gay and bisexual men in Los Angeles County increased 62 percent in 2002, representing 360 new cases.

“Neglect, death and DCF: Florida’s child-welfare agency often was warned of hazards and failed to th

“In Broward County, the abuse hot line received a report on March 4, 2000, that Nicholas Bahamundi and his six siblings were unsupervised and living in filthy conditions. By law, workers must see at-risk children within 24 hours of receiving a maltreatment report. The caseworker said she could not find the home. The visit finally more…

Nearly two-thirds of China’s quarter mi

Nearly two-thirds of China’s quarter million annual suicides are commited using insecticides and rat poison. While 90 to 95 percent of suicides in the West suffered significant mental illness at the time of attempting suicide, around a third of those in China did not.


MS-13 is the name of a Salvadoran gang which operates in 28 American states. It is sometimes also called “Mara Salvatrucha,” a slang term for guerrilla fighters.

Yadorigi is the Japa

Yadorigi is the Japanese name for mistletoe. The Latin names for two varieties are Phorandendron flavescens for the American, Viscum album for the European.

“Sid’s gibberish reveals darts’ hidden allure,” by “Leapin’ Larry L,” from

“Sid’s other vocal trademark comes in real handy as a wake-up call. This consists of him starting what sounds like a reasonable, considered sentence in a normal tone of voice, and halfway through suddenly starting to yell like several dancers from a hip-hop video have materialised in his trousers and commenced to ‘bust a move.’ more…


Syne, as in “auld lang syne,” is a Scots and Northern English word for “since.”

“Poets seek to stop firm posting works on Web,” from

“Four poets and the wife of a dead poet on Thursday sought a provisional injunction from the Osaka District Court to stop an Osaka firm from posting past school entrance examination questions citing the poets’ works on the Internet without permission, claiming it constitutes a copyright infringement.”

Nyekulturni, Russian for uncultured, w

Nyekulturni, Russian for “uncultured,” was how that nation’s chess grandmasters thought of Bobby Fischer as a boy, and would still be an apt description of him now. Currently, Fischer hosts a bizarre show on a Manila radio station, which often includes him singing along to classic R&B records and ranting about vast international conspiracies.