Browsing Month December, 2002

” Afro-Saxon attitudes,” by Andrew Kenny, from the

“Most African leaders loudly denounce European values and praise African ones, but in their every deed they show that they worship everything European and despise everything African. They drive Mercedes, wear Savile Row suits and Gucci shoes, quote Shakespeare, send their children to Eton—and shout against

Oversupply of seven percent is predicted f

Oversupply of seven percent is predicted for DRAM by the end of 2003, leading to drastically reduced prices in memory for personal computers. Total DRAM output in terms of bits of memory will grow 66% year-on-year to 816.9 petabits.

“The Creative Engine,” by Neil Scott Kleiman et al, from the

“More recently, with the help of a large city incentive package, Metropolitan Life moved 1,500 employees from Manhattan to a 400,000 square foot converted factory building on Queens Plaza North. If locals thought the arrival of MetLife would usher in a new wave of cultural development and mixed-use retail activity, they were wrong. MetLife received more…

As many as 6 dogs have been shocked while walking near

As many as six dogs have been shocked while walking near light posts and manholes in the Battery Park City district of New York City, due to corroded or shorted electrical wires. One dog was reported electrocuted in Greenwich Village last year.

The 40-member crew of the USS S-5 was rescued when the submarine foundered off the Delaware Capes en

“What ship?” “S-5” “What nationality?” “American.” “Where bound?” “Hell by compass.”

A juror comments on a 6-6 first jury vote and the subsequent fractious debates which resulted in a m

“It was amazing to me, when we all came back into the room to deliberate, that everyone wasn’t thinking the same way I was. We want to believe that everyone thinks the same way we do.”

“Nestle may pay high PR price for principle,” by Mark Borkowski, from the UK

“The boycott’s been going on for years, but it’s not biting deep enough for Nestle’s tastes. They’ve initiated a major drive to persuade lots more people not to buy the company’s products. How else to explain its demand for $6m from the Ethiopian government as compensation for the nationalisation in 1975 of a subsidiary company more…

Sweet potato hornworm ca

Sweet potato hornworm caterpillars, black with a horn-like marking on the back end, are now infesting the Hawaiian island of Moloka’i. Up to 90 percent of the eggs are usually killed by the parasite Trichogramma, but this year there are more than 300,000 of the insects per square acre.

In Seattle, for each $10,000 of a vehicle’s worth,

In Seattle, for each $10,000 of a vehicle’s worth, $140 will provide funding to build a $1.7 billion monorail by 2007.

Because of injury, 2.

Because of injury, 2.8 of every 1000 skiers in Colorado will require the ski patrol to assist them off the mountain.