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Two minutes, twice a week, is the ratio

Two minutes, twice a week, is the ration for showers at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

Twenty-five staff members patrol Orlando International Airport in sport utility vehicles, scaring fowl with police-like sirens and lights, recorded calls of distressed birds, and gas cannons which make popping noises. This is intended to prevent the birds from colliding with airplanes.

“Fast Talk: I want that job,” by Melina Root, costume designer for That ‘70s Show, from

; I can only do my job with an actor’s consent, so it can become a problem if an actor is primarily concerned with looking good—especially for a show set in the ’70s, when a lot of people didn’t look very good.

All Men Are Brothers: Life and Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi as Told in His Own Words, compiled

“From the violence done to the foreign ruler, violence to our own people whom we may consider to be obstructing the country’s progress is an easy natural step. Whatever may have been the result of violent activities in other countries and without reference to the philosophy of non-violence, it does not require much intellectual effort more…

Uznemejs, or “risk-taker,” is

Uznemejs, or “risk-taker,” is the new Latvian word for “entrepreneur.”

Nipple galls are knots on lea

Nipple galls are knots on leaves caused by insects depositing eggs within the leaf tissues, such as on a hackberry tree.

“Where Music Aficionados Debate Who’s the Elvis of the Cantorial World,” by Hank Rosenfeld from

;We try to dumb down Judaism so we don’t lose the kids. But we end up losing everything. Adam Sandler? We’ve got Sholom Aleichem!

The Eustace Diamonds, by Anthony Trollope. 1986 Penguin Classics, New York. First published 1

“But she was absent more than ten minutes. When she was alone she stood before her glass looking at herself, and then she burst into tears. Never before had she been thus polluted. The embrace had disgusted her. It made her odious to herself. And if this, the beginning of it, were so bad, how more…

Zero is the number of doctors who

Zero is the number of doctors who perform abortions in Fairbanks, Alaska.

“Lesbian-Feminist Mother Finally Gets

;I allowed our conversation to venture a short way into the dating lives of my daughters, which is something I don’t ordinarily do. Instead, especially when in heterosexual company, if the talk turns to their love relationships I usually employ some specially evolved strategies of conversational distraction. I believe heterosexual people want their highest hopes more…