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Odi profanum vulgus et arceo can be translated from the Latin as, “I detest the ungodly rabble and keep them at a distance.”

Helioseismology is the study of seis

Helioseismology is the study of seismic activity on the sun.

The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love by Oscar Hijuelos. 1989 Perennial Library, Harper & Row, N

“He set down tools everywhere, and these congealed with a resinous-looking paste, so carelessly did he take care of them. A dusty, rusty-bladed fan sat atop a stack of old National Geographics, which he sometimes liked to read. There wre two large storerooms, a deep and narrow-shelved room in which he was always finding items more…

Difrasismo is the linking of tw

Difrasismo is the linking of two nouns to create a new idea very different from the literal meaning of the two words, a trait common to the Nahuatl language.

“I Laugh at the Suffering of Others,” from

;One patient I remember evidently wasn’t consented thoroughly enough, or was too flipped out to pay attention to the definition of “intrathecal delivery.” So she was a bit put off when she came to realize on the first day of treatment that it means “a large needle is put into your spinal column.” She politely more…

There is no such thing as

There is no such thing as stomach flu.

What do you mean, if Edw

What do you mean, if Edward is a fraud? It shouldn’t take unusual brass to say plainly, “John Edward is a fake.”

“Keep your hair on,” by John Mullan, from

;On Thursday, Yvette Cooper, junior minister in the Lord Chancellor’s Department, was speaking in the Commons about the possibility of introducing weekend voting in general elections. Implying that this might be a way of increasing turnout, she said, “For people who go to work and have kids, finding time to vote on a busy Thursday more…

Under a European Union plan, an island will not be an island if it has fewer than

Under a European Union plan, an island will not be an island if it has fewer than 50 permanent residents, is attached to the mainland by a rigid structure, is less than one kilometer from the mainland, or is home to the capital of an EU state. Residents of the supposed island of Muck suggest more…

“Little man with a gun in his hand,” by and from

;”I would just die if I didn’t introduce myself,” I smarmed. Bloomberg looked at me like, You’re kidding, right? Who are you? And then S. was on him like a tick. “I really like what you’re doing with the Department of Education,” she began. While she effused, I stared at him, silently. He is a more…