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Since 1980 the US Navy has experienced a mass-casualty incident—

Since 1980 the US Navy has experienced a mass-casualty incident—10 or more deaths—about every 22 months.

“New cannibalism clues, 122 years after polar nightmare,” by Ed Struzik from the

;I have for nearly two years lived in a circle that even the genius Dante could not have created for the most guilty of souls of his inferno.

“I hope that I misunderstood you,” she said contemptuously, “because otherwise I’d run even from your shadow. I’m an attractive woman, and you’re one of my many admirers. I showed you my favour in that, whereas I turned away gifts from other people, I accepted the most trivial things from you with gratitude. And in more…

Cuban Counterpoint: Tobacco and Sugar, by Fernando Ortiz, translated from the Spanish by Harr

“Like sugar, tobacco has to go through a series of physical and biochemical phases, such as cutting, sweating, drying, curing, press, and combustion; like sugar it, too, needs the heat of fire to yield its substance, and it gives off a refuse of waste and ash which are its bagasse and settlings. But the operations more…

“Aw Fuck and Everything After, or, Idiot in Full Flower,” by Skot Kurruk

;After that came the waiting, because of course they had to call my dad, a small-town courtesy before they hauled me down to the police station to arrest me. Waiting was of course horrible, the worst, the fucking worst, except it wasn’t, because then Dad showed up. He looked like a fucking golem constructed out more…

Bankruptcies rose 11 pe

Bankruptcies rose 11 percent in Austin, Texas, during 2002.

“Plowing into storm’s lessons,” by Edward Lotterman from

;When he got northeast of Little Rock it started to snow and driving became very unpleasant. After struggling for hours on slippery, unplowed and unsanded Arkansas interstate, he pulled over for gas, coffee and a break from wearying concentration at the wheel. “Man, its really bad out there,” he complained to the cash register attendant, more…

“Dear Great Leader,” by Suki Kim from Fina

;On June 25, 1950, when North Korean bombs began dropping on South Korea, my grandmother fled her home in Seoul with her five children, including my then four-year-old mother. Cars were rare, and the only means of escape were by foot and by train. Seoul Station was packed with panicked citizens fighting to get on more…

“Reeve Guest Stars on ‘Smallville’ Episode,” by Frazier Moore from the

;We had a shot where Clark [Kent] gets a saliva swab inside his mouth for DNA. The director wants to shoot into Clark’s mouth while it happens. I remind him, “I’ve got fillings.” “He says,

“Here’s what happened,” by Neal Talbot from

;All was fine until a month ago when one of the rods popped free from my spine at the base. I’m not sure when it happened—when I was knocking down our concrete front fence, during a massage I had on holidays, or horse riding, but at some point the rod came free. The rod became more…