Browsing Month February, 2003

“Man-Eating Tigers Haunt Kelantan Rural Folks,” by Ali Mamat from

;Normally, the tiger that starts the man-eating generation is a female with cubs. When she is injured, either due to gunshot, traps or poison, she would resort to slow-moving prey, including human beings, and train her cubs to do likewise. As these tiger cubs grow, they would continue to hunt for humans and later give more…

Hundreds of thousands rally for peace in New York City

They filled the cattle pens on First Avenue beyond the Fifty-Ninth Street bridge, then they spilled onto Second Avenue, and then they clogged Third Avenue. Convoys of buses on 57th Street waited out the throngs, and an exasperated woman in a fur coat wasn’t quite aware of what she’d walked into. A young boy cried more…

We Are Against The War

Local parent-teacher association president: “I am against the war.” High school senior: “I am against a war with Iraq because it is an offensive war.” Military journalist: “I am against the war.” “I am a Kurd, and I am against the war in Iraq.” British star: “I am against the war.” Vice president of the more…

“The Writing’s on the Wall,” by Martin Hadlow from Radi

;I stepped into the building and was taken-aback by the devastation. Everything was gone. Doors stood idly, their glass panels stripped. Windows had long gone. Where once a radio studio had stood, former occupants had decided that it would better serve as a toilet. Faeces covered the concrete floor. To the right, the front office more…

“FBI Visits,” from Library Juice.

;I just had a visit from two FBI agents who requested that I pass the word along on the library listservs. Apparently, our bookstore received a donation from who-knows-where of a book that is still a classified government document. The bookstore sold it for 10 cents to someone who, not really knowing the significance of more…

Hasbians or

Hasbians or LUGs, lesbians until graduation, are women who used to date women but now date men.

The hemlo

The hemlock wooly adelgid is a whitish, pin-head-sized insect which defoliates hemlocks by attaching itself to the base of the needles and sucking the sap.

Coping is a ska

Coping is a skater term for a metal strip across the top of a ramp, half-pipe, steps or other ridable edge that permits slides or grinds by reducing friction while protecting the board and the riding surface.

Forgot and forgotten are bot

Forgot and forgotten are both acceptable past participles for the verb to forget.

As many as

As many as 10,000 new jobs are expected in the Niagra Falls area of New York and Canada in the next eight years.