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The nautical term poop

The nautical term poop deck, or just “poop,” describes a high deck above the main deck sometimes enclosed at the stern of a ship, and originates from the Latin puppis, or stern.

My Life as Author and Editor, by H. L. Mencken, edited by Jonathan Yardley. 1992 Vintage Book

“When Ulysses was nearing completion, in 1920 or thereabout, Pound sent several chapters from it to the Little Review in New York, of which he was the London correspondent, and they were printed therein. It is unlikely that I’d have printed them if he had sent them to me, for Ulysses seemed to me to more…

Coming of Age in the Milky Way, by Timothy Ferris. 1989 Anchor Books, New York. Part one, ch.

“Relativity nonetheless cast its net wide, embracing the study not only of light and space and time, but of matter as well. The theory derives its catholic impact from the fact that electromagnetism is implicated not only in the propagation of light but also in the architecture of matter: Electromagnetism is the force that holds more…

In the first week of Thailand’s new drug war,

In the first week of Thailand’s new drug war, 74 suspects were killed, 5719 people arrested, more than 7000 dealers and traffickers surrendered, 40,000 suspected dealers were blacklisted, 3.8 million methamphetamine tablets were confiscated and 129 million baht (equivalent to more than 3 million dollars) in cash were seized.

80 percent of baby boys born in the Midwest undergo circumcision. 40 percent do in the West, 17 percent in Canada and five percent in Britain.

In a 2001 survey,

In a 2001 survey, 41 percent of Welsh girls aged 14 and 15 reported they skip breakfast, while 18 percent skip lunch.

How often do they find non-skeletal remains?

Skeletal remains. Skeletal remains. Skeletal remains. Skeletal remains.

Mr Nice, An Autobiography by Howard Marks. 2002 Canongate Books Ltd, Edinburgh. Originally pu

“One square mile of this small Spanish island was well out of control. A Philippine-brothel-owning member of the House of Lords was staying at the house of a Spanish Chief Inspector of Police. The Lord was being watched by an American CIA operative who was staying at the house of an English convicted sex offender. more…

“How shall we ever heal the nation?” by Koigi Wa Wamwere from the Kenyan

;There can never be reconciliation without justice. Victims will acknowledge equality with, and concede humanity, to their former oppressors, torturers and killers of their children, parents, brothers and sisters only if justice is given. Wrongs done to them must be accepted. Their dead must be compensated. Ruined lives must be restored. Pain, harm and family more…

Usquebaugh is Gaelic for “wate

Usquebaugh is Gaelic for “water of life,” and evolved into the word “whiskey.”