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Questions of abandonment

What will the Americans do after the two wars they are fighting? Will they abandon Afghanistan, as they did after the Soviets withdrew, and as they are accused of doing again, now that they are distracted by Iraq? Will they abandon the Kurds again? Will they abandon Pakistan, their useful, if temporary, ally? Will they more…

“Ambassador who found himself at center of history” by Alice Thomson from

;Someone said the other day,

Inta shaheen is “you are a p

Inta shaheen is “you are a prisoner” in Arabic.

“Symposium: Ashcroft Justice Part II” by Jamie Glazov from

;What I’m hearing above are reflexive kicks and slaps at the Attorney General and the Bush administration. It takes very little effort to simply assert that RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED! THE CONSTITUTION IS BEING SHREDDED! INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE BEING TORTURED! I GAINED FIVE POUNDS ON THE ATKINS DIET AND IT’S ALL JOHN ASHCROFT’S FAULT! But more…

A Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable costs

A Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable costs $29,000.

There are 65,000 to 70,0

There are 65,000 to 70,000 soldiers in the Iraqi Republican Guard, and 600 to 700 tanks.

A quick reminder that the most objective, fact-based, evidence-weighing critique of the current war

A quick reminder that the most objective, fact-based, evidence-weighing critique of the current war debate, no matter your political perspective, can be found at Spinsanity. The site is rich in myth-busting, lie-exposing, truth-debating, fact-checking and rhetoric-defusing.

“Time Will Tell” by Debra Wierenga from

;Even in good times, when the labor market was at its most powerful, U.S. workers didn’t use their leverage to secure more time off. The average American gets two weeks vacation annually; the average European, six. A recent study by the Families and Work Institute found that a significant number of American workers did not more…

“Destination Baghdad,” by Geoffrey York from Canada’s

;There is a fascinating clash between the isolationist American culture and the rich Arab culture with its ancient history. For many of the young U.S. soldiers, this is their first time in the Middle East—or anywhere outside North America. At one checkpoint, I watched a Kuwaiti slow down his car to shout his thanks to more…

“Michael Moore criticizes U.S. war in Iraq during Oscar acceptance speech” by Anthony Brezican from

;Asked backstage why he made the remarks, Moore answered: “I’m an American.” “Is that all?” a reporter asked. “Oh, that’s a lot,” Moore responded.