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Murrai’yunggoray, when the red waratah flower blooms, is the first Australian Aboriginal season, spanning September and October.

How do you show the femininity of a female Army major and military lawyer? So people know she’s stil

How do you show the femininity of a female Army major and military lawyer? So people know she’s still a woman and not some hardened dyke bitch? Why, just show a picture of her in front of her line-drying panties, and then have her cry over some token from her child.

March 3: Five Cuban

March 3: Five Cuban revolutionaries (or spies, depending upon your perspective) in US prisons are given harsher treatment in the form of solitary confinement. March 11: The European Union opens a diplomatic office in Havana. March 16: Independent journalists in Cuba say they are more tolerated by the government. March 18: Cuba rounds up several more…

“Contempt of familiarity,” by Gail Armstrong from O

;We’ve been fooled into thinking that because we know what the tribesmen of Namibia have for breakfast, that Japanese businessmen trade in schoolgirls’ underpants, that Le Pen has a following, that they drink this much beer, that it’s cold up there and hot down there, GDP, major export, the face of their leaders

Slight error in the mental map, but still…

This article by Caroline Campion about dog runs in Alphabet City shows a phenomenon peculiar to New York City. In this phenomenon, knowledge is not propagated according to its accuracy, but according to its utility. The incorrect information can lead to a useful conclusion as easily as correct information can. The surrounding neighborhood has always more…

Who Will Begrudge the French Their Dead?

I lived for a year in France, and I have many French friends both there and here in New York City. I find them to be intelligent, right-thinking, thoughtful people who make no decision lightly. In the same way I still feel in my lungs the dust of the three thousand who died in the more…

The Commerce Ministry of Afghanistan has approved

The Commerce Ministry of Afghanistan has approved 2600 business licenses in the last six months, compared with 2045 in the previous 45 years.

French Toast: Not From Albany New York

In my estimation, French toast was most likely not invented by a Joseph French of Albany, New York, in 1724. I do not see and I cannot find any evidence supporting the claims on behalf of Mr. French, though plenty of people are willing to give him credit. In addition, the Oxford English Dictionary has more…

“Bill Moyers Talks with Chris Hedges” from a transcript of the program Now on

;The Bible calls it, “The lust of the eye.” And warns believers against it. It’s that great landscape of the grotesque. It’s that power to destroy. I mean one of the most chilling things you learn in war is that human beings like to destroy. Not only other things but other human beings. And when more…

The Durand line, the boundary li

The Durand line, the boundary line separating Afghanistan in its east from Pakistan, is named for British negotiator Sir Mortimer Durand, who helped arrange the arbitrary border with the Afghan King Abdur Rahman Khan in 1893.