Browsing Month April, 2003

“Moment in time that shook the tennis world” by Owen Slot from the London

;Before I begin my testimony, I want to say that I am a great fan of Steffi Graf. I follow her entire career with great interest. I have, for example, been sending her money every birthday since the borders were opened… Then, in 1990, Steffi Graf lost to Monica Seles in the German Open. My more…

Five percent of black Americans are

Five percent of black Americans are home-schooled, up from about one percent in 1997.

The Lost Chapter from Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

After seeing the link to Cory Doctorow’s novella, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, about a gagillion trillion times, and reading him talk about it even more (who isn’t their own best spokesperson and PR rep?) I finally downloaded it and read it. It’s good. At about an hour’s read, it’s a rich, intriguing more…

The Real Cost of Spam

Mitch Wagner asks in Internet Week, What does it really cost to deal with spam? Here’s my take. I’m a freelance tech consultant here in New York City. I have about 25 clients, from 5 to 25 employees. All of my clients have a spam problem. Some of them have asked me to do something more…

Why My Allergies Are Acting Up

Emma at Caoine writes today, “I woke up with that horrible burny sore throat and swollen tonsils and my sinuses are full of crap.” Me too. We’re both in Brooklyn. For me, I know it’s an allergic reaction. My theory is that it’s caused by more particulate matter in the air. The New York State more…

More than 200,000 unregistered for

More than 200,000 unregistered foreigners live on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

In Argentina, a ñoqui

In Argentina, a ñoqui is a politically-connected party loyalist who collects a paycheck in exchange for only token work, or even none at all.

Gacaca means “grass” in the Kinyarw

Gacaca means “grass” in the Kinyarwanda language, and refers to a community-based system of justice used in Rwanda.

Interview with French author Alain Robbe-Grillet by Thomas McGonigle

“I’m sorry; but just because they haven’t been translated into English doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There was supposed to be a conference ten years ago in St. Louis, and the university there announced, “Mr. Robbe-Grillet will speak French.” So a minister who is interested in literature calls the university and is told by a more…

“Meet Mr. Toothpicks” by Rebecca Wakefield from

“We found fourteen claimants and they all had problems. All their items were displayed in a heap, or a stack, so you just had to take their word for it. Like one guy said he had a million bottle caps, but underneath the top layers was a heap of dirt.”