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Borderline Schizophrenia

This is true. Hurd and Misha worked in the same office eight years ago. Misha saw Hurd—the first competent computer guy he ever knew—as someone he could call for technical help, for life. Hurd usually obliges because he is a gentleman. As Hurd described it, the situation sounded rare, like seeing a tapir in the more…

From Where is Raed

;American civil administration in Iraq is having a shortage of Bright ideas. I keep wondering what happened to the months of “preparation” for a “post-Saddam” Iraq. What happened to all these 100-page reports, where is that Dick Cheney report? Why is every single issue treated like they have never thought it would come up? What’s more…

Second Avenue Subway Line? That’s Just Part of It

On Friday I had drinks at Pianos with a lovely girl. We struck up a conversation with a man about five Jack and Cokes in the hole; six when we bought him another. He said he was a subway engineer. He’s been in New York about five months; before that, Singapore. I’d tell you a more…

“Years of the Dragons” by Denny Lee from

;The one thing that sticks in my head is how tiny this world felt. You lived in this subculture of a subculture of a subculture. The idea of going to an arcade in Midtown was a really big deal.

“The Great San Francisco Bubble: Life in America’s last great progressive cocoon, as conservatives s

;It happens when you step off that plane in some—let’s say—”differently evolved” part of the country and don’t see a single ethnic person for four days and can’t get a decent organic basil-and-goat-cheese omelet to save your life and all the theaters are playing Adam Sandler and the concept of fresh sushi means “less freezer more…

Heimat is a German word which roughly transla

Heimat is a German word which roughly translates as, “the place one feels at home.”

“Funds vanish in stinking sickbay” by Tavleen Singh from

;Hapur hospital which looks big enough to have at least 200 beds has 200 out-patients instead and 30 beds that lie empty. Just as well because the mattresses and sheets are so filthy, so stained with blood and other bodily fluids, that a sick person would only get worse. Medical Superintendant Dr. A K Goel more…

Creeping normalcy refers to

Creeping normalcy refers to slow trends concealed within noisy fluctuations.

In Australia, a camel costs

In Australia, a camel costs 800 to 1500 Australian dollars. They cost US$15,000 to $20,000 in the United States.

English is the only language spoken by

English is the only language spoken by 21 percent of Latinos in the United States.