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“Achille Lauro: Dancing With the Devil,” by Marcin Mierzejewski from the

;They proceeded to arrange us into a death row. The first were the Jews, then the Americans. We were terrified, thinking that as artists we were the next potential target. The six of us spent two hours with our hands up because it turned out that the terrorist questioning us did not know what Poland more…

By Lubin Odana from

;The British Nazi, sorry, National Party have made a few gains in the local elections. Nick Griffin was interviewed on local television last night and declared that the other parties were full of “padeophiles and crooks.” The interviewer said “Does your party have any paedophiles and crooks in it?” “We have NO paedophiles,” said Nick more…

LSD: The Problem-Solving Psychedelic

“Many students have always learned on their own, of course, but with LSD it is entirely possible that self-teaching may take higher precedence than ever before. This is not because the drug provides a greater ability to absorb facts, but because it seems to provide a

“Writing as a Block for Asians” by Emily Eakin from

;Contrary to popular belief, the Eskimos do not have more words for snow than do speakers of English.

Coining Words and the Desire to Be Remembered

I am not a professional lexicographer, merely an amateur linguist. … The word quacks would have you believe that lexicographers invent or canonize new words. Besides the impromptu rounds of Stump the Chump, in which the general public expects lexicographers to be able to define and explain the etymology of every word in the dictionary, more…

World Trade Center Replacement: Doomed

Shadows to Fall, Literally, Over 9/11 ‘Wedge of Light’. Architect Daniel Libeskind and everyone else seems to hope the site of the the World Trade Center will be covered in sunlight. Looking at the sketches, you could get the idea that it will be a bright, open space, a park-like atmosphere for frolicking. Now it more…

Navy Turns Over 15,587 Acr

Navy Turns Over 15,587 Acres on Vieques to Department of the Interior. So when does the drilling for oil and cutting of timber start?