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Partnered lesbians are

Partnered lesbians are five times more likely as other women to report ever having served in the US armed forces.

Five bad flights in Africa.

Five bad flights in Africa.

Russ are final-ye

Russ are final-year Norwegian secondary school students who, between the end of compulsory classes and final exams leading up to May 17, the National Day of Norway, wear colored overalls indicating their line of study and compete in drunken games to earn the right to add knots to cords which dangle from their caps.

“Wave of Strikes Leaves Much of Western Europe Crippled” by Mark Landler from

;We are all living longer; there are fewer children. You can’t strike against demographic developments like that.


Granitas, or “ices,” are made from water, sugar and flavoring, and have a granular texture.

Five times more medical ma

Five times more medical malpractice suits than normal—2700—were filed in Harris County, Texas, in the week before a deadline after which damage awards would have been capped at $250,000 each per doctor and hospital.

60 percent of Egypt’s economy

60 percent of Egypt’s economy comes from tourism. The 2003 American-Iraqi war cost the country more than $2 billion in tourist income.