Browsing Month July, 2003

“City Lights Alter Rhythm of Life on Long Island Sound” by Kirk Johnson from

;The heavy-footed arrogance that humans are often accused of in dealing with the natural world doesn’t work. You are just a guy with a ridiculously fake thing at the end of a string, trying a trick. You have surrendered most of the advantages of big-brained opposable-thumbed bipedalism.

Technical Employment For All!

This article by the New York Times suggests that people are becoming technically adept by necessity, and that, as happened with radios and automobiles, eventually all technology will take care of itself and be as mindless to operate as toasters are today. I see that day as decades off. Computers are still complex to make, more…

Spam Tally For A Client

I sent this out to the 15-person office of one of my tech clients on Saturday. That’s a lot of damned spam for 15 people. … Since installing the spam filter on March 28 it has blocked at least 14,444 pieces of spam. The spam filter conservatively assigns points or fractions of points for hundreds more…

Pica, also known as chthonophagia, is a cravin

Pica, also known as chthonophagia, is a craving to eat earth or clay.

“A gallery revamp with the subtlety of a hand grenade” by Richard Dorment from the

;Architects hate art. If you let them loose near a museum or gallery, you have to watch their every move, because they will do their best to leave their own galumphing paw prints all over the place, and in the process stamp on the works of art.

Yerida is a somewhat derog

Yerida is a somewhat derogatory Hebrew term for emigration from Israel, approximately the opposite of making aliyah, or immigrating to Israel.

What is the connection?

What is the connection? 1. Cycling’s unwritten code of chivalry dictates that riders not take advantage of the leader when he has crashed. 2. Fooled by a visual illusion, people drink more from short, wide glasses than thinner, taller ones, but they think they are drinking less.

Two Small Usage Notes for Chase Bank

1. Chase, my bank of ten years, has been installing new ATMs all over the place. The new ATMs have a different keypad configuration: the Cancel button is now where the Enter key used to be. Do you know how hard it is to untrain ten years of ATM usage? I’ve accidentally canceled dozens of more…

ReplayTV Should Become Adcritic for Your PVR

While I was in France a couple of weeks ago, we happened to see on television one of those “funny ads from other countries” programs, what looked like an American show with a French host stitched in. You’ve seen these same shows in the United States. They are usually fairly entertaining, and at least in more…

Order Denying Hyperphase Motion to Strike

IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF WISCONSIN HYPERPHRASE TECHNOLOGIES, LLC and HYPERPHRASE INC., Plaintiffs, v. MICROSOFT CORPORATION, Defendant. ORDER 02-C-647-C Pursuant to the modified scheduling order, the parties in this case had until June 25, 2003 to file summary judgment motions. Any electronic document may be e-filed until midnight on more…