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;Adopt an opponent. I love heated and strident political arguments, but I am abandoning that in favor of gentle and relentless suasion. I have a half dozen potential “recruits” among family and friends that I am trying to tip. I am sending them articles and trying to leave them lots of room to save face. more…

Quote attributed to Jesus in Muslim

;Piety is nine-tenths silence and one-tenth fleeing from people.

“Frankly Lingual” by Gail Armstrong from Op

;I’m very wary of statistics on how many people speak English as a second language. In my experience, those who claim fluency are far from fulfilling my (perhaps lofty) definition of the word. Countless thousands of businesspeople have a passable command of it, enough to get them through a meeting or type up an e-mail, more…

“Goodbye Room With a View” from Leylop.

;Away from home, I was in a small hostel, Ningbo. The moment I stepped into my room, I saw a cockroach creeping on the bed. “Oh, dirty!” I couldn’t help shouting these words out. The owner of that hostel, a thirty-something woman, was standing beside me, but she seemed totally indifferent to what she saw, more…

New York City has been ranked 47th in a list of

New York City has been ranked 47th in a list of the nation’s most literate cities. At first is Minneapolis. Please.

Winner of the

Winner of the thesaurus users’ world championship. Summary: Eschew surplusage.

Bribery or bribe-taking is vzyat

Bribery or bribe-taking is vzyatochnichestvo in Russian.

Bacteriophages, or phages, are viruses whic

Bacteriophages, or phages, are viruses which prey upon bacteria. They can number 50 million per milliliter of seawater.

“People become deeply attached to landmarks that occur in centers of activity and in this their instincts about city order are correct. In Greenwich Village, the old Jefferson Market Courthouse, now abandoned as a courthouse, occupies a prominent site abutting on one of the communities business areas. It is an elaborate Victorian building, and opinions more…