Browsing Month February, 2006

My new excuse for everything

“I’m not sweeping, yo,” he says, flatly. “I’m too fly for that.”

The Brazilian butt lift does that how?

“One of the things that keeps a lot of ethnic patients from getting surgery is that they feel they’re going to have their ethnic identities changed, that somehow they’re going to look Caucasian.”

M. Ward

Last Saturday the gal and I went to the sold out M. Ward show at Warsaw in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Great stuff. He has a voice like a field of green tobacco. Rating: A-. The minus is because I totally thought that was a steel guitar at the front of the stage, but when he finally more…

Sports by Brooks

Sports by Brooks linked to the entry for slump buster today. I’m getting a fair number of click-throughs. I didn’t think anyone even read Sports by Brooks. It’s all about the pictures of the buxom, wholesome girls, isn’t it?


It seemed like a nonce term when I first read it, but the Dictionary of American Regional English says ferrididdle, also spelled fairydiddle and meaning a red squirrel or a flying squirrel, goes back to 1893.

When languages collide

El Mango reports at the LiveJournal group Linguaphiles, “A young Chinese couple are heading up the aisle, between them is a young black guy. The girl is looking for a seat, and the boyfriend directs her repeatedly to a pair of seats. Except that in Mandarin Chinese, ‘this one’ [ie: these seats here] is pronounced more…

Power law distribution

“You do not manage a social wrong. You should be ending it.”

New Feedster

Feedster launched a brand-new look and search engine today. Much improved! Although I must admit that when they let me have a sneak peek at it yesterday, I sent a list of pie-in-the-blue-sky ideas and wistful demands for a pony.

Restoration of the Battery Maritime Building

I’m not claiming prophet status or anything (I think the rule for that is life plus 70 years. Or is it ten years dead? I dunno.), but it’s so nice to see someone else independently arrive at an idea and make it real. The Battery Maritime Building is one-of-a-kind. It’s old New York. When you more…

Nine ways words are made

Straightforward article from the Yemen Times listing nine ways words are made.