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Words I did not know

Each day I spend an hour or more hunting for words that have yet to be recorded in mainstream dictionaries. As I’ve written here before, I keep lists: besides the words I record on my site, Double-Tongued, I keep a list of words to consider for inclusion in the Historical Dictionary of American Slang, a more…

Europe is cool

Europe is cool and this elephant is awesome. Whoa.

Le P’tit Dico

Le P’tit Dico is a collection of difficult, contentious, or new words and phrases that might bring questions from the readers of Le Monde, the French newspaper. In French, of course.

Sapir-Whorf in a Fiji Advertisement

Totally stole this from Erin, who noticed this ad as we were walking along Fifth Avenue here in New York City and recognized it as representing an example of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis.

I have a horse pantomime costume here. Any experience being a horse’s ass?

I was quoted in the Chicago Tribune today by Nathan Bierma.


BlogBurst, a blog-to-old-media syndication service Double-Tongued was invited to join, has gone live.

Fire in Greenpoint

Here’s a picture of the huge Greenpoint, Brooklyn, fire I took through a subway car window at Queens Plaza, looking south. More and better photos are at Flickr.

Bitchier than runway models

I am a bitchy lexicographer with slender hips, apparently.

Words that rhyme with “orange”

I see with some regularity claims that there’s no word that rhymes with “orange,” “silver,” “month,” or other words. Recently someone on the American Dialect Society email list also included “chamber” as a word for which there is no rhyme in English. Most of those “nothing rhymes with” chestnuts are easily answered because the queries more…

Two characters I thought were something other than white

I read a lot of books way beyond my age level when I was a kid. One side effect, besides learning words I couldn’t pronounce (a quirk shared by many people; I’m not the the only one who thought hors d’oeuvres was pronounced “horz dee-vores.”), was that I often missed details or let my own more…