Browsing Month February, 2007

Amid this vague uncertainty, who walks safe?

“Let me decline to enlist on either side of this concocted war of the -ists, and speak instead on behalf of a third group: the Rational People. We believe in making value judgements about language use: some writers are better than others, and even good writers sometimes make poor choices and outright mistakes. But we more…

“Abuse is like beauty”

“To be brutally frank with you, abuse is like beauty. It’s in the eyes of the beholder.…A loud voice, anything, can be called abuse.”—”For Youths, a Grim Tour on Magazine Crews” by Ian Urbina.

Consolidating feeds [UPDATED]

I am consolidating all of the feeds for this site into one. That’s why you might be seeing more material than before. Because the citations feed was added to the site well after the entries-only feed, thousands of subscribers were not aware that the citations exist. They’re often as interesting and as valuable as the more…