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Will the pictures never cease?

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More pictures of the boy, and two of the mama

Read the birth announcement.

I’m a new papa

I’m very happy to announce that my boy was born yesterday evening.

Guthrie Allen Hilliard Barrett

Our boy was born a little after 9 p.m. yesterday, March 19, eleven days before the calculated due date. Guthrie Allen Hilliard Barrett (that’s two middle names) is eight pounds, three ounces and 21 inches. He has a lusty cry. His mama pushed the boy into the world without drugs. She’s tired. 🙂 More later.

Hiring horror stories

“We get hundreds of applications for every job we advertise. Too many to go through. But we have developed a strategy for dealing with them. Before scanning the CVs, we split the pile in two and chuck half away. After all, you don’t want unlucky people working for you.”—Adrian Monick, Hiring horror stories….

Southern Appalachian English

Michael Montgomery, editor of the Dictionary of Smoky Mountain English, sent along this announcement about his web site. There’s some good stuff there. … Dear All, This is to announce the launching of a revised version of my website on the English language spoken in Appalachia, which has been created through the gracious assistance of more…

One Way? No Way!

This video on Streets Blog shows perfectly why I am against turning Sixth and Seventh Avenues in Park Slope, Brooklyn, into one-way streets. It’s my neighborhood: I live between Sixth and Seventh Avenues on Park Place, more or less a block below Flatbush Avenue (the streets intersect at an angle, so we’re closer to Flatbush more…

Jeff Prucher’s Brave New Web Site

Jeff Prucher does a rare thing for a lexicographer: he lists words he didn’t include in his dictionary of science fiction terms, Brave New Words, and writes about why they didn’t make the cut. There are also sample entries of terms that were included.


It sounds like surgery, but it’s geology.

Joan Didion: “The Year of Hoping for Stage Magic”

“I have been asked if I do not find it strange that Vanessa Redgrave is playing me. I explain: Vanessa Redgrave is not playing me, Vanessa Redgrave is playing a character who, for the sake of clarity, is called Joan Didion.…It would be logical to assume that I adopted this distance to protect myself. It more…