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Nathan Bierma writes about meh in the Chicago Tribune. My quote is unremarkable.

Info on How to Purge OS X Dictionary of Dirty Words Compared to Book-Burning

Quoted in USA Today about Imus Brouhaha

I was quoted in USA Today about the Don Imus nappy-headed-ho brouhaha. “You can’t contain language any more than you can contain air,” says lexicographer Grant Barrett, co-host of the PBS radio show A Way With Words. He says conflicts such as this happen every day all over America, unnoticed by the media. Maybe that’s more…

Chi-Tonw. You read that right. Want a tattoo?

Two years ago, a mistake was made: The tattoo read "Chi-Tonw" instead of "Chi-Town." Now, in an act of solidarity, more people are getting tattoos spelled Chi-Tonw on purpose. This fellow had it spelled that way on his neck. Chicago Tribune news and blog coverage, and audio on NPR.

From Student Researcher to Careful Scholar: Tips from a Lexicographer

I have an article in the Readex eNewsletter: From Student Researcher to Careful Scholar: Tips from a Lexicographer.

Captain of the Low Seas

Captain of the Low Seas. “Instead of getting about on a senior scooter, for example, Mr. Hansen used a forklift, and he was famous for driving it places forklifts have no business going, including but not limited to a busted section of pier that promptly collapsed, sending him and the forklift into the water with more…

Granma McDonald

Granma McDonald came to visit last week to help out after I went back to work. She did an amazing job of taking care of us and left a freezer full of yummy food. See pictures from her visit.