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Hard Wordes in Plaine English

Scott McLemee writes about the very first English-language dictionary. “At the risk of being overly present-minded, there’s a sense in which Cawdrey was a pioneer in dealing with the effects of his era’s information explosion. Thanks to the printing press, the English language was undergoing a kind of mutation in the 16th century. New words more…

Behind the Spellwall: The Turing Test for Humans to Use the Internet

If you can’t spell, Internet Access Captchas will keep you off the Internet.

We Are A Long Way From High Internet Literacy Rates

Lord of the Flies. “Thousands of people have no idea that responding to a listserve will broadcast your response to all recipients. Repeated ‘But I don’t even smoke!’ messages reveal an apparently deep-seated belief that spam is somehow targeted at individuals rather than carpet-bombed. Each recipient seemed to think that each unsub demand was directed more…