Browsing Month June, 2007

Battle of the neologisms! Live, Saturday, June 16, in Chicago! Bang! Bang!

This year at the Dictionary Society of North America conference there’s an exciting new event: a chance to bring your spiffy self-made words to the world and to have them judged by a panel of experts (including me). It’s free, open to everybody (including press), and will be great fun. It’s also a chance to more…

The brick-wall approach to getting a word in a dictionary

More new words (most of which we could do without). “They’re not new words exactly; rather, they’re words that have been flung at the proverbial brick wall so often over the last 10 years or so that they’ve stuck.” Otherwise, it’s the same-old lame article in which a dispirited journalist tries to cobble together reasonable more…

Third Anniversary of Double-Tongued Dictionary

Yesterday was the third anniversary of the launch of Double-Tongued Dictionary, then called Double-Tongued Word Wrester. The site has seen four redesigns, includes 13191 citations not assigned to a full entry and 1168 full entries, and spawned a book. Thanks to my regular contributors and commenters, to my advertisers, and to you, too.