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Sex change or gender reassignment surgery?

Joey DiGuglielmo at the Washington Blade defends his use of the term “sex change” and ruminates on how to be language-appropriate when writing about transgendered people.

UPDATED: Dreck to the asinines

UPDATE (8/24): The battle is enjoined! Robert Hartwell Fiske calls his readers “to arms”! As it turns out, speaking good English allows you to beg for pocket change. Choire Sicha at Gawker calls the Barrett-Fiske kerfluffle a cat fight. We’re frienemies, you might say. For the older set who don’t know that word frienemy, just more…

What’s wrong with the word “busboy”?

In the Chicago Tribune, Mary Schmich looks into whether the term “busboy” is demeaning—especially when applied to a 67-year-old man—and whether it is properly replaced with “busser.”

Five Months!

Guthrie is five months old today, weighs more than 20 pounds, and will be starting rice cereal this week. All is well. Pictures! Feast your eyes! Video! Shield yourself from the drama!

UPDATED: The unfortunate consequence of using an apostrophe when pluralizing letters

It is well known among those who closely observe the writing style of newspapers that the New York Times uses an apostrophe in acronyms and initialisms that are plural, such as CD’s or DVD’s. Less well known is that the paper also uses them when writing out plural letters of the alphabet, which leads to more…

Then they came for the lexicographers…

Man pleads guilty to attacking Joshua Reynolds painting with hammer. “Mark Paton, 44, was arrested Wednesday after repeatedly hitting Joshua Reynolds’ portrait of 18th-century diarist and lexicographer Samuel Johnson.”

A Way with Words is gonna kick some ass

On Wednesday, the managment of KPBS radio in San Diego, the producing station for A Way with Words, announced it would no longer produce the show. As you can imagine, my co-host Martha Barnette and I, as well as our producer, Stefanie Levine, are disappointed. As were, apparently, thousands of listeners who have in just more…