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An Imam in America

An amazing three-part series on a Muslim leader’s difficult work with his congregation in Brooklyn deserves to be permanently outside of the New York Times’ paywall (buyerwall, feewall, whatever you want to call it). There’s a mosque a couple of blocks from my apartment; I’ve always wondered how difficult the lives of the immigrant families who go there must be. Update: Ben Zimmer reminds me of the blog-friendly New York Times link generator which keeps stories fully available and free. I’ve changed the URLs below (and added a link to part three of the series) but I’d still really like the Times to keep these available at the regular URL.

Part 1: A Muslim Leader in Brooklyn, Reconciling 2 Worlds.

Part 2: To Lead the Faithful in a Faith Under Fire.

Part 3: Tending to Muslim Hearts and Islam’s Future.

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