Long boy update

The boy turns one year old next week! Lots has changed in a year—he walks and talks, for example—and lots hasn’t—he’s still as loud as a truck and tractor pull. The baby voice is disappearing and the little piping boy voice is becoming more common. He’s been talking since a little after the ten-month mark, more…

He walks!

The boy is offiicially a walker. We decided a few weeks ago that “walking” is being able to launch yourself where you want to go rather than mama and papa putting you up on your feet to walk back and forth between them. By that definition, Guthrie is a walker. Wobbly, true, but he can more…

Our big nine-month-old boy

Everyone’s favorite boy turns nine months old today! He’s now lived outside the womb just as long as he was in. Well, we technically passed that milestone a couple weeks ago since he was born a bit early, but who’s counting? In these nine months, Guthrie has accomplished a ton, including tripling his weight and more…

The boy returns: seventh months and a trip to Grammy’s and Pop’s house

Long-awaited pictures! Click on the smiling boy.

Six months

Big accomplishments for the boy over the last month: His first solid food. His first teeth—two, on the bottom. Lots of syllable-sounding talk over the last few days. It’s the kind of noise that makes you think if you just listened hard enough you could make out words. Also still the cutest baby in the more…

Five Months!

Guthrie is five months old today, weighs more than 20 pounds, and will be starting rice cereal this week. All is well. Pictures! Feast your eyes! Video! Shield yourself from the drama!

He rolls over!

This evening, on his four-month birthday, Guthrie rolled over for the first time. At least, that is, according to his father who claims to have witnessed the momentous event while Mama was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Mama rushed in when she heard Papa’s cheering and found the boy looking slightly stunned to be on more…

The Bruiser: 17 pounds at Three Months, in the Weight Class of a Six-Month Old

The boy’s belly is a bit more proportional than it used to be, but he’s still a very big boy. Weigh-in at the new pediatrician’s office confirmed him at 17 pounds. He’s not gaining a pound a week anymore, but the doctor says he’s about as big as the average six-month-old. His mental development is more…

Two months!

We’ve been negligent posting pictures of the boy, so here’s a gallery of him at two months, and, as a bonus, video! Look at those smiles.

Will the pictures never cease?

Click on the pictures to see larger versions.