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Chinese Translation of “How the Mind Works” is Out

Ben Han, who I know through the Internet, just let me know that his translation of Stephen Pinker’s How the Mind Works into Chinese is now out. I gave Ben a hand with some of the cultural references. Ben is Taiwanese, so he’s not necessarily going to know what happens to Anna Karenina at the end of Tolstoy’s novel, you know? He was kind enough to mention me in the preface. He also did a transliteration of my name into Chinese: 葛培瑞. It roughly means “hung like a bear.”

His translation is available at Ben has a big image of the cover on his site.

I met Ben because he’s also the creator of JunkMatcher, the anti-spam add-on for Apple’s JunkMatcher catches 99.999% of my spam—908 spam messages in the last seven days alone.

(Kidding about the meaning of my name in Chinese. Ben says it means something like “cultivate good things” and sounds like grr-pei-rre.)

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