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;Adopt an opponent. I love heated and strident political arguments, but I am abandoning that in favor of gentle and relentless suasion. I have a half dozen potential “recruits” among family and friends that I am trying to tip. I am sending them articles and trying to leave them lots of room to save face. They united behind their president and now feel betrayed, but view the peace and/or anti-Bush crowd with all the negatives that the media and the administration have been heaping on them. Bush persuaded them with daily on-point sound bites and relentless brainwashing. I am trying to reverse that process with the most likely candidates I know, recognizing that this might need to be done in increments. I have found that sending British news stories is effective—they see Brits as allies, they like Tony Blair, and are surprised and unnerved when faced with the British media and public reaction to all of this.

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