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Fighter planes have been flying overhead for hours, now

“When the first one hit, we all thought, ‘Oh so the building’ll be on fire.’ It was sad, but you know what they say about New Yorkers working through anything. When the second one hit, I thought, ‘Shit, this is serious.’ I realized I had some paperwork in my hand, so I went back to the office and thought, ‘I’m putting this down and getting the hell out of here.’ I left the building, not paying attention to what any of my co-workers were doing, and started walking. A few minutes later, I heard something (the first building collapsing). I turned around, and three blocks back was a tidal wave of smoke coming right at me. Everyone on the street started running. I saw women fall down, screaming, and people were going around them. People running beside me had their faces cut to ribbons.”

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Grant Barrett