Linguist, lexicographer, radio host, public speaker

He didn’t like the music so he became the DJ and the band booker

“At a show in 1992 by James Carr, for example, it was the soul singer’s first Manhattan concert in 25 years and the club was packed with fans and music critics. But someone had given Mr. Carr alcohol, and after four songs, the singer suddenly went catatonic, panicked and told the audience the show was over. Backstage, Mr. Weitzman dropped to his knees and begged the singer to return to the stage to at least sing his biggest hit, ‘Dark End of the Street.’ When Mr. Carr refused to budge, Mr. Weitzman walked behind him, shoved him up the stairs, and pushed him onto the stage. The thunderous applause revived Mr. Carr long enough for him to sing the hit.”

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Grant Barrett