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Here comes a helicopter, dude, is that the feds?

“OK. I was robbing banks to help the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico, OK. That kind of got out of hand. I started getting high a little bit, but I wasn’t out of control… OK. The next thing, um, they came, they find out who I am ‘cuz my sister-in-law’s a rat. OK, they come. They sneak in my house, right… When my wife’s there, they kind of talk to her, you know, shh, trying to get her to snitch on me right. Well, they succeeded… The next thing they did, when I came home, they sent her to the back door. OK. She comes to the back door, she tells me there’s men in the house. I come in the house and I don’t know who’s in the house, junkies, crackheads, robbers, who… Then they jump out of my bedroom.”

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Grant Barrett