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Hey, Rumsfeld: Change what you do, not what you say

Donald Rumsfeld, in a speech filled with the usual half-truths and hand-waving, says that American needs more and better propaganda to win the world over to our point of view.

That will surely do the trick, won’t it? It doesn’t ever seem to occur to triumphalist blowhards like Rumsfeld that perhaps the best course of action is to change our ways. That what we need is not to talk differently, but to act differently.

The only smart thing the hack politician from Illinois says is that “some humility is in order”—actually, what he says is, “I suggest that some humility is in order, because there is no guide book—no roadmap—to tell our hard working folks what to do to meet these new challenges.”

So I take that back. What he means is that other people, minions of some useless public agency somewhere, need humility. Not him.

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Grant Barrett