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“How shall we ever heal the nation?” by Koigi Wa Wamwere from the Kenyan

;There can never be reconciliation without justice. Victims will acknowledge equality with, and concede humanity, to their former oppressors, torturers and killers of their children, parents, brothers and sisters only if justice is given. Wrongs done to them must be accepted. Their dead must be compensated. Ruined lives must be restored. Pain, harm and family ruin suffered and time lost in detention camps and prison must be compensated for. People’s money stolen and banked abroad must be returned. Unpaid loans must be paid. Burnt homes must be rebuilt. Stolen lands must be returned. Some 600,000 refugees in their own country must be resettled immediately. Exiles must return home with full benefits for ruined careers. Heroes of the nation must be given their honour, rightful place in history and national burials.

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Grant Barrett