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Interview with British slang lexicographer Jonathon Green

Somehow, I missed this bit with British slang lexicographer Jonathon Green last year. There’s a short text summary and a 57-minute audio interview in MP3 format. Thanks to “Barrington A” on the Slang mailing list for bringing it to my attention.

Note that at about four minutes in Jonathon (whom I know professionally and communicate with via email from time to time) talks about his upcoming historical dictionary of slang. Since then, it has been announced that Oxford University Press will not be publishing that dictionary, and, alas, it cannot go by the acronym of GODS, the Green Oxford Dictionary of Slang. Most major dictionaries have fairly standard acronyms among lexicographers, you see, and it would be rather nice to get one like that.

Instead, it was announced in October that Chambers Harrap would be publishing it. So perhaps the acronym will be CHUDS, the Chambers Harrap Universal Dictionary of Slang. (The article misspells Jonathon’s first name, by the way, even though have since been sent a correction.)

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