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Mimi Smartypants, Mom of the Year

I want to point out that if all of North America had a mother like Mimi Smartypants the continent would be full of highly comic Chinese-American preschoolers. I point this out only because Mimi writes well, gives me a laugh, and has a book that you should be reading. Her web site is one of the few that has held my attention for years.

I’ve never met her—though I sent her fan mail and she replied—but I feel certain her blog will fit quite nicely into the “friends” section of your RSS reader or blogroll. Incidentally, even though there’s no link to it on her page, Diaryland does provide her with an RSS feed. It shows only the first few lines of the posts, but it’s a good way to find out when she’s updated (if you choose not to subscribe to her notification email list).

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Grant Barrett