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My book is now available at no cost as an e-book download

Since my book The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English is now available on the bootleg e-book sites (“pirate” is the wrong term, I think), I’ve decided to make it available for download at no cost. This is not a big deal. The book never sold more than a few thousand copies, the copyright is mine (even though the publisher, McGraw-Hill, incorrectly printed the copyright as theirs), the book is being remaindered, and all the rights are now reverting to me.

But the main point here is that I’d like to draw people to my site for the free download, not to some shady place on the Internet. So:

Download the The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English at no charge. (PDF 2.7MB)

No fees, registrations, logins, passwords, ad-clicking, or hoop-jumping required.

By the way, the way these books get out there is usually simple. Sometimes the files leak from publishers, sometimes from authors, sometimes they’re scanned from paper to pixels, etc., etc., Sometimes people pretend to be blind and contact the publisher to ask for a digital copy of a book so they can use it with their screen readers that translate the digital pages into something they can understand. The publisher sends a digital copy and in a few days it’s all over the Internet.

Make no mistake: I’m not angry. Just resigned. I knew it would happen.

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Grant Barrett