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New gig: cohost of KPBS Radio’s “A Way With Words”

I’ve been bursting to tell this news for weeks, and now the word is out. Starting in January, I’ll be sitting with Martha Barnette as cohost of the long-running KPBS radio show A Way With Words.

By the time our new shows air in January, we will have been working hard for months to bring out radio skills I haven’t used in nearly 15 years. We’re also spiffing up some new segments of the show that I’m betting everybody will enjoy.

The main difficulty so far is that Martha and I tend to cut-up and horse around when we get together behind the microphones, so everything takes longer than it should. Martha cracks me up. There’ll be hella big blooper and blue reels when this season is over, let me tell you. I think half of it will be our patient but long-suffering producer trying to rein in the two of us as we trade verbal towel-snapping and the like.

Read the press release from KPBS in San Diego.

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